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Enrollify Podcast Ad

Ad insert for the podcasts for Enrollify.
Enrollify Podcast Ad
Photo by Will Francis / Unsplash

Video. You know you need it. You know it’s all but expected from Gen Z.

But you’ve got no time, little budget, and your marcomm department is two months late on those new program brochures they promised...so asking them to help with a video?  Forget it.

But what if video could be as simple as sending an email to a prospective student?  

Meet Goodkind —  a video engagement platform designed to make each one of your prospects feel like they’re getting the extra special treatment.

As an enrollment manager, you’re competing for attention...and in a sea full of static, boring HTML emails from other schools, a personal video is how you stand out and drive action.

With Goodkind, you can bring your university, faculty, and students to life by designing an engaging, hyper-persona, and video-first communications journey.

Increase applications, increase yield, and decrease melt with the power of Goodkind. Visit www.wearegoodkind.com/enrollify to book a demo and see just how powerful video marketing can be.
Show your face. Show you care. See the difference connection makes at www.wearegoodkind.com/enrollify.